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Holidays are often a time to reconnect with friends, family and yourself. But is planning a holiday only deciding destination & dates? There is one more aspect of planning your travel, that is, your traveling “personality” & “style”- how you classify yourself as a vacationer, your overriding hobby, your modus operandi etc.

You can be an EXPLORATORY, a ROMANTIC, an INTELLECTUAL or a mix bag travel “personality”.
The fact is that most travelers have some essentials of all of the things mentioned above in their ideal travel experience. People do travel differently and each destination is as new and unique, as you want it to be, because you experience it distinctively.

HK Travels provides this unique travel planning services to individual and businesses. Our emphasis will be in providing complete specialized service based on a detailed knowledge of the vacation destination and activities being offered.

Our Travel planner will cater to every aspect of a person's need and interest and shape a suitable vacation plan in synchronization with your travel personality and style. Explore, be your own Columbus and discover yourself along with discovering new experience & sights.

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